Difference between Cast Iron and Pure Iron Cookware

Difference between Cast Iron and Pure Iron Cookware

Cast Iron

Cast Iron basically is an alloy of Iron, Carbon and Silica, that are moulded into different shapes to form different varieties of cookware. Since they are cast into a particular shape they are referred to as the cast iron.

The different features of cast iron are:

  • It is extremely heavy
  • Has a rough surface
  • Seamless body shape without any joints and comes in one piece
  • It is wear and corrosion resistance
  • Highly heat resistant

Different Types of Cast Iron

The different types of Cast Iron are:

  1. Grey Cast Iron
  2. White Cast Iron
  3. Malleable Cast Iron
  4. Ductile Cast Iron

Why is Cast Iron a healthier option?

Normally the iron content in Cast Iron vessels is more than the normal iron vessels. So when you start cooking your food in a Cast Iron kadai or vessel the iron content from the vessel mixes with the food that is being cooked and thereby it increases the iron content in the food. However it is not always the same with all the cast iron cookwares.

In case of Cast Iron tawas or frying pans, the iron content is does not mix with the dosa you are making on the tawa unlike the Cast Iron kadai or vessel.

Hence if you are given an option to invest in Cast Iron Kadai or tawa, we suggest you to opt for the Kadai over the Cast Iron tawa.

How to clean your Cast Iron vessel?

It is always important to season and clean your Cast Iron vessel, otherwise it might get rusted and ultimately get spoilt easily. You can follow the below steps to season and clean your Cast Iron vessel:

  1. Apply a single layer of edible oil in your Cast Iron cookware.
  2. Further heat the vessel
  3. Heating the Cast Iron vessel brings about a chemical change in the vessel. This converts the liquid oil to shell format and forms a rust protective layer in your Cast Iron vessel.
  4. Please ensure not to wash your Cast Iron vessel frequently with soap. Simply wash it with plain water and wipe it using a dry cloth.
  5. Use the seasoning technique to clean the Cast Iron vessel at regular intervals.

Branded Cast Iron Cookware

The Branded Cast Iron cookwares are slightly expensive and pre-seasoned, however in the due course they also needs to be seasoned after frequent use.

Cast Iron Vs Pure Iron Cookware

Highly DurableLess Durable
Extremely HeavyLight
Seamless Body with no jointsMade from a single sheet of iron
Highly corrosion resistantShows less resistance to corrosion
Slightly ExpensiveReasonable
Highly Heat ResistantLess heat resistant.
Does not rust easilyEasily gets rusted

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