What is An Induction Cooker?

What is An Induction Cooker?

Are you suddenly out of cooking gas and feeling all worried about your lunch? Well, do not panic as today we bring to you a great deal of information on an Induction Based Cooker. This article will give you the reasons why you should always have an Induction Based Cooker at home and how it can actively solve your cooking problems .

Induction heating or the electromagnetic induction is used in many appliances and applications including the rice cookers.  Ideally when the electric current passes through the copper-coated metal coils, it creates a magnetic field that can set fire and burn up the items around them. This passage of the electric current not only releases heat, but also releases electricity along with it.

Induction cookers can touch a higher temperature than the normal cooking method, which is usually 20% to 30% higher.

Why Use An Induction Cooker

Let us make it simple enough so that the complicated explanations do not bore you:

  • Induction Cookers makes your cooking easier and less tedious.
  • It can be used on any countertop and is completely safe to use.
  • Induction cooker requires less maintenance as it is much cleaner to use one, since you do not have to clean the burner like a traditional gas stove.
  • As the Induction cooker is a sealed vessel, it uses far less energy and water and thereby increasing its efficiency.
  • There is no worry of forgetting to turn off the stove as the Induction cookers have a certain  kind of time control which you can set accordingly.
  • You can set the timer so that your food does not get overcooked and is apt for consuming.

Induction Cooker Vs Traditional Gas Cooktop

Let us do a comparative analysis of Induction Cooker and Traditional Gas Cooktop:

Energy EfficiencyExtremely High -84%As Low as 40%
Cooking SpeedSuperfast50% lower than Induction Cooker
Type of cookwareCompatible with Induction based, cast iron and Steel cookwareCompatibile with all kinds of cookware
SafetyMaximum SafetyLess Safe
SpaceRequires very less spaceOccupies more space
ComfortabilityHighly comfortableLess Comfortable
CleaningEasy to cleanTough to clean
Running CostLess than a gas stoveComparitively very high
PriceLess than gas stovesVery Expensive

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