What are Massage Chairs and how does it help?

What are Massage Chairs and how does it help?

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Stress knots, back and shoulder pain, sciatica…. Just reading these names itself makes you feel uneasy, but believe it or not these names have become a part of our lifestyle. People all over the world are burning huge hole in their pockets trying out medications and visiting hospitals just to get rid of these negative side of our lifestyle.

Only if you could have someone at home to give you a good neck and head massage to relieve you from the daily stress and tension. This is where the Massage Chair comes into play.

People are slightly apprehensive when it comes to purchasing a Massage Chair. Their doubts revolve around the Massage Chair Price, Massage Chair Safety, and its advantages or if it is worth the investment. The Massage Chair is not only associated with relaxation or pain relief as there is more to it. The Massage Chairs plays a relevant part in boosting your metabolism, strengthening your brain functions, helps you make proper decisions, increases your productivity at work and overall makes you feel confident and energetic at the end of the day.

Benefits of a Massage Chair

A spa or a massage parlor service is definitely a very relaxing experience; however both you and I know that we cannot have this experience everyday due to 2 main reasons; financial constraint and Time constraint. This situation can be well handled if you have a Massage Chair at home that will give you nearly the same results of a masseuse or a spa parlor.

If you are thinking about the Massage Chair price or if the product is worth it, then the following benefits will definitely help you take the right decision:

1.      Post Workout Recovery

A Massage Chair can actively help you recover fast after your workout sessions. The deep tissue massage, heating cycle system and the zero gravity positioning features of a Massage chair helps to restore your body condition to a fit state post workout.

2.    Relief from Anxiety and Stress

Stress and Anxiety have become a definite part of our daily life and people are running around to feel relaxed and de-stressed at the end of the day. A good massage calms you down and balances your mood swings. Stress and Anxiety not only results in temporary discomfort, it can also lead to a permanent illness as well. The Massage Chairs are all about give you the much needed relief at a price way less than medication and also you do not have to face any side effects with the Massage Chair like your medications.

3.     Better Sleep Pattern

Insomnia, oversleeping are some sleep related disorders people face due to a change in their lifestyle. The final result is fatigue, depression and anxiety problems. The Massage Chairs are considered as a big help in such cases as these allows the person to have a de-stressed and relaxed sleep at home. If you are planning to give into full form relaxed sleep, the Massage Chair is definitely the best option.

4.    Relief from Muscle Pain

After a long day’s work, you are bound to experience joint pains and muscle cramps. May be a hot water bath will give you a temporary relief, however here also the best option would be to use a Massage Chair to gain permanent relief and to have a satisfactory sleep.

5.   Stiff Neck Issues

The Massage Chair not only takes care of your stress or anxiety levels, it is also the perfect solution for your neck and shoulder issues. Stiff neck, stress knots, headaches are the result of a busy day and this leads to a bigger health issue if not handled on a daily basis. The Massage Chair stimulates the dopamine and serotonin hormone and heals the hurting areas.

6.  Enhances Chiropractic Treatments for Sciatica

Many massage chair models were developed with the assistance of doctors and chiropractors. As a result, these chairs have some impressive features and ergonomic enhancements. The main features that address sciatica-related discomfort are twist, tilt, heat, and deep tissue massage.

These sessions have a high success rate in reducing and preventing shooting pain.

7.  Increases Blood Circulation

A well-functioning circulatory system provides numerous health benefits, and while sports are the best way to get it pumping with energy, massaging is a close second.

One of the techniques used to reduce the load on the heart, improve oxygen intake, and correct several circulatory issues is zero gravity positioning.

Massage also reduces stress, which aids in circulation improvement because stress raises blood pressure, heart rate, and constricts arteries.

8.  Boosts the natural immunity of the body

Good heart health, Good Sleep, and De-stressed lifestyle all are the attributes of a balanced life with boosted immunity. The Massage Chair demonstrates all the features to keep your health at the top level.

Massage Chair Techniques

There are about more than 8 forms of techniques used in a Massage Chair, of which the Swedish massage and the Shiatsu massage are the most common.

Let’s take a look at the different Massage Chair Techniques:

1.      Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is usually seen in the Western countries and is perfect for those who do not get a chance to experience massages that often.

The Swedish massage involves longer massage strokes to create heat in the muscle area to release the stress knots. It also improves blood circulation, gives pain relief and relief from joint paints.

The automatic programs used in massage chairs for relaxation and sleep is completely based on the Swedish massage technique. The Swedish massage technique uses both the Kneading and the Tapping techniques.

2.      Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep tissue massage is a more advanced version of the Swedish massage that mainly works for the core muscles and the connective tissues.

This massage technique is used for the neck, the lower back and for sore shoulders. The Deep tissue massage works more deeply and focuses on severe pain or muscle tension to give you high levels of relaxation.

3.      Reflexology

The Reflexology Massage technique is mainly used for your feet muscles and this is done by applying pressure to the specific points of your feet. The Reflexology massage will release the endorphins that are natural pain and stress relievers.

The Reflexology massage rollers are typically found in the footrest area of a Massage chair.

4.      Junetsu Massage

The Junetsu massage technique is only found in the ‘Panasonic massage chairs’ and is a special feature of their Real Pro Ultra series. The Junetsu technique involves rotational or circular thumb motions that are usually practiced by massage therapists all over the world. This form of motion relieves you from stress and stimulates your muscles so that you feel energized for the rest of the day.

5.      Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu Massage primarily uses the science of acupressure as the massage technique. Additionally it also uses stretching, pressure massage and rotation massage to help restore your body to a relaxed and energized state.

The Shiatsu Massage chairs are quite common among the different types of Massage chairs it is something similar to using the rollers.

6.      Tapping Massage

The Tapping Massage also known as the Percussion massage is a great massaging technique that relieves you from stiffness, increases blood circulation and breaks up the scar tissue. The Tapping massage involves a sequence of tapping strokes that enhances your muscle and connective tissues.

When you are shopping for Massage Chairs, they will give you an option for the Tapping technique which is ideally a crucial part of a Massage chair. It is usually found as a stand- alone option or it is paired with the Kneading Massage technique.

7.      Kneading Massage

The Kneading massage is an excellent way to feel relieved from tension and from muscle soreness and this is done by lifting and stretching your muscles. It accelerates the blood and lymph circulation and it strengthens your spinal area, detoxifies your body especially your muscles and nerve tissues.

The Massage chair uses the Kneading technique on your back through small circular motions on both sides of your spine. In Massage chairs the Kneading technology is usually found as a stand-alone option or it is clubbed with the Tapping massage technique.

8.      Vibration Massage

The Vibration massage is an age old technique to attain pain relief and to improve the blood circulation. The massage chairs contains several vibration plates of different intensity Most of the Massage chairs that use music adopts the Vibration massage technique.

Not all massage chairs has the Vibration technique, however you can locate the same on your Massage chair if it mentions a seat massage or a vibrating plate in the chair.

9.      Air Compression or Squeeze Massage

The Air Compression or the Squeeze massage technique is used in extreme condition to provide relief from stiffness and to elevate the blood circulation in your body. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing the lymphatic system and to eliminate toxins from the body.

The Air Compression or Squeeze Massage chair uses an airbag system that will inflate in the hip area to squeeze and thereby relieves you from stress and joint pain. These kinds of Massage chairs use back rollers for maximum efficiency along with manual mode controls.

10.      Stretch Massage

After long hours of work a good stretch always relaxes you. This is the basic science used in the Massage chairs that uses the Stretch technique. The Stretch Massage chairs use an airbag system to strategically pin you to the chair to give you a stretch.

Different Types of Massage Chairs

Here we give you information about the different types of Massage Chairs available in the market today:

1.      Full Body Massage Chair

The Full Body Massage chair is meant for providing a complete massage from neck to the toes. The multiple operating modes in these advanced machines function with pre-controlled settings.

2.      Ottoman Massage Chair

The Ottoman Massage Chair looks like a regular chair and it comes with a footstool to help relieve muscle and tissue strain.

3.      Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair allows the user’s body to be in a reclining position so that entire vertebrae system is relaxed. This type of Massage Chair puts your body in perfect balance and improves the blood circulation through your whole body.

4.      Recliner Massage Chair

The Recliner Massage chair allows the users to recline, however it does not function like a Zero Gravity Massage Chair. A Recliner Massage chair mainly helps you relax, and you can indulge in other activities such as reading a book, watching television or playing video games etc.

How to choose the right Massage Chair?

Here are some features that you have to look out for while choosing a Massage Chair for yourself:

1.      Comfort level of the chair

When you go to purchase a Massage Chair, first sit and feel the chair before you take your final decision. Convince yourself only when you get the right chair whose shape or built suits your body shape or need.

2.      Massage Strength

Please measure the depth of the massage before making the purchase. If you are in need of a high end massage chair, look for one that offers projected elements along with strong movements. At the same time if you are on the look-out for a light Massage Chair, then you can choose the one with small roller blades and nodes for softer or lighter movements.

3.      Adjustability Settings of the chair

Scan the chair from end to end and get first -hand information on the adjustability settings of the chair. Certain Massage Chairs are designed for a specific problem whereas a Massage Chair with numerous settings would prove to be a better option as it can handle any kind of stress or muscle pain you go through.

4.      Accessories

Get to know about the different accessories that comes with the Massage Chair, like the leg rest or the blue tooth or the music settings etc.

5.      Chair Appearance

The appearance of the Massage Chair really does not matter, however you can always check if the chair goes with your home décor. Massage Chairs comes in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials such as leather, polished wood, plastic etc.

6.      Price Range

Purchasing a Massage Chair is a one- time investment and a lifetime investment. But that does not mean you squander your money on any chair that does not give you the right benefits. Conduct a thorough research before buying a Massage Chair as they are slightly on the expensive side.

7.      Warranty

A Massage Chair that comes with a warranty is more reliable and safe. You should purchase a Massage Chair that comes with atleast one year warranty.

8.      Airbags

Choose a Massage Chair that has airbags at armrests and backrests as they will help improve blood circulation and will also provide relief from pains

9.      Room Space

Keep in mind the space of your room before you purchase a Massage Chair. A large room can accommodate an expandable recliner where as a small sized Massage Chair would be the right option for a small space.

10.      Bluetooth Facility

Music is a very good solution for relaxation and de-stressing. It would always be an added advantage if your Massage Chair has the Bluetooth Facility so that you can relax listening to music.

Best Massage Chairs in India

Some of the best massage chairs in India are the following:

1.     Robo Touch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Robo Touch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The RoboTouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair senses the user’s shoulder position automatically using the 2D technology. This massage chair uses four kinds of massage techniques such as Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Knocking, which helps relax your muscle strains. The advantages of this massage chair are:

  • Auto Heating Facility
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Automatically detects the shoulder position
  • User friendly.

2.     Bodyfriend Modern Chair

Bodyfriend Modern Chair

Bodyfriend’s user friendly modern massage chair is power saving and a light device. The chair performs a scan on the user and also has easy to use facilities. The Zero Gravity feature of the chair ensures to support your body weight appropriately. You can set the intensity level of the chair into 3 modes-high, medium and low according to your needs. The Bodyfriend chair is apt for shorter people.

The advantages of this massage chair include:

  • Installation Friendly
  • Comes with a Bluetooth facility
  • Comes with multiple airbags
  • Has multiple massaging modes

3.     Robo Touch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robo Touch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

The elegantly designed full body massage chair has user-friendly functions and a variety of massage modes for relieving achy muscles. The massage chair’s 2D technology detects your shoulders automatically for improved comfort. For easy storage, the arms of the chair can be removed and replaced. Airbags that resemble human hands massage the body, relieving tension and exhaustion.

The advantages include:

  • One Year Warranty
  • Remote Control available
  • Space Friendly
  • Versatile massage modes

4.     HCl eRelaxic Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair

HCl eRelaxic Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair

The HCI eRelaxic therapeutic massage chair is a high-quality device with a U-shaped head massager that relieves temple tension. Calf muscle estimation is ensured by a calf rolling massage function. Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and sliding are among the modes available on the massage chair, which employs 4D technology. You get the following advantages with this massage chair:

  • Smart back mechanism
  • Promotes deep stretching
  • 3 Year Warranty period
  • Massages to relieve you from stress

5.     Generic SSHI 4D7 Plus Zero Gravity Robotic Massage Chair

Generic SSHI 4D7 Plus Zero Gravity Robotic Massage Chair

The zero gravity robotic massage chair with 4D technology is a smooth device with air pressure programmes from head to toe. The armrests of the chair interlock with the backrest, and it also has a heating function. The massage chair is completely adjustable and features automatic detection of the user’s shoulder for improved service. The preset features of the chair include manual and automatic programme modes. This massage chair is ideal for tall people.

You get the following advantages when you purchase this chair:

  • Less noise
  • Gives a good foot stretch massage
  • Comes with Music settings
  • Boosts blood circulation

6.     KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair

The KosmoCare zero gravity chair has 6 massage rollers that helps maintain the body’s optimal comfort. It also assists in keeping your feet lifted for better blood circulation. The KosmoCare zero gravity chair uses 5 massage techniques which are Kneading, Taping, Kneading-tapping combo, Shiatsu and rolling.

The primary advantages include:

  • Heat Therapy Facility
  • User friendly manual settings
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Preserves Space

7.     Lixo Massage Chair

Lixo Massage Chair

The hybrid massage chair from Lixo is a full-body recliner with six roller systems that provide a coordinated and relaxing massage. There are also options for deep tissue massage, shoulder pressing massage, and back pushing up massage. Dual-core double sensing systems provide pain relief throughout the body. Thai stretch, deep Shiatsu, morning buzz, stress relief, and gentle care are among the automatic modes available on the chair.

The Lixo Massage chair is a full-body recliner that comes with six roller systems which provides well-coordinated relaxing massage. It also offers options for deep tissue massage, shoulder pressing massage and back pushing up massage. The massage techniques used in the Lixo Chair are Deep Shiatsu, morning buzz, stress relief, and gentle care. The advantages of the Lixo Chair are:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Detects the body structure
  • Armrest Control Facility
  • Wireless Charging Facility

8.     KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage Chair

KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage Chair

The KosmoCare Shiatsu massage chair comes with 5 massage techniques for extra versatility and is one of the high-quality full body massage chair. The pressure point detection function scans the user’s shoulder in real time and pinpoints the strategic points with pinpoint accuracy. The gentle heating of the foot and waist increases blood circulation and relieves pain. Six-seat airbags and 24 leg-rest airbags with various modes are also included.

You get the following advantages with this particular massage chair:

  • An Electric Actuator
  • Easy and flexible backrest
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Relieves you from fatigue and stress

9.     Hopz Massage Chair

Hopz Massage Chair

The Hopz massage chair is an inflatable electric massage chair that helps relieve body pains and soothe aching points. The massage chair is BPA-free and made of solid PVC material. The European-style massage chair is portable and improves blood circulation. The vibrating components stimulate the release of the happiness-inducing hormone endorphin. The advantages of the Hopz massage chair are:

  • Help to maintain accurate posture for you
  • Provides relief from stress
  • Easily movable
  • Comes with an inflator pump.


Massage chairs are a definite investment in one’s life, however you should consider all the features before committing to the purchase of a massage chair.

If you feel doubtful about purchasing a massage chair in your life, you just have to think about the amount of money you would spend on medications and doctors to feel relieved from problems that arise due to stress and fatigue. The very thought of feeling relaxed and energized after a long day’s work is what a massage chair ideally gives you.

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