The Wet Grinder Shopping Guide

The Wet Grinder Shopping Guide

A dosa or an idli batter is a common food you see in Indian households, especially South Indian households. In the initial days, hand grinders were used to prepare the wet batters for Idli or Dosa, however with the passing of time, electric wet grinders have started ruling the Indian kitchens.

Now days you will get Instant batter from shops which you can use in case of any emergencies, however it definitely cannot match the taste of the Idli or Dosa prepared from home- made batters.

Without much further ado let us find out more about electric wet grinders and the criteria you need to look out for while purchasing one:

Wet grinders are classified based on their usage and the most common types of wet grinders are:

  1. Table Top wet grinders
  2. Tilting Table Top wet grinders
  3. Commercial Wet Grinders

1. Table Top wet grinders

The Table Top wet grinder usually has 2 to 3 stones that conical or cylindrical in shape and is used for grinding and shredding small quantities of ingredients. The Table Top wet grinders are light weight and are portable.

2. Tilting Table Top wet grinders

This type of wet grinder is one step up to the normal Table Top wet grinder. The Tilting Table Top wet grinder allows the user to tilt the drum so that they can empty the batter into another container.

3. Commercial Wet Grinders

Commercial Wet Grinders are huge wet grinders which are ideally used in commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, catering businesses etc.

Comparisons between different types of wet grinders

Table Top Wet GrinderSmallPortableMediumMinimum IngredientsEconomicalSmall FamilyEasy to CleanLess
Tilting Top Wet GrinderSmallPortableMediumMinimum IngredientsSlightly ExpensiveSmall to Medium FamilyDifficult to cleanLess
Commercial Wet GrinderHugeNot PortableHighMaximum IngredientsExpensiveHuge Family/Commercial Establishments like Hotels Difficult to cleanMore 

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a Wet Grinder

The market gives you several options when it comes to Wet Grinders and consumers do get confused as Wet Grinders come in various price ranges with several new accessories. Keep in mind these few basic criteria before purchasing a Wet Grinder:

1. Type of Wet Grinder

If you have a small family, then opt for Table Top Wet Grinder as you can store the rest of the batter in the drum itself. Also it is easier to clean a Table Top Wet Grinder. In addition to it, Table Top Wet Grinders are more reasonable when compared to the other types.

If you are from a medium sized family, you can opt for a Tilting Tabletop Wet Grinder as it will be easy for you to transfer the batter into a vessel.

2. Size of the Wet Grinder

Give due importance to the size of the Wet Grinder as you should be able to carry it with ease.

3. Capacity of the Wet Grinder

Choose the Wet Grinder depending on your family size and also the amount of batter you prepare on a regular basis.

4. Number of Grinding Wheels

The best Wet Grinders usually has 3 grinding stones for efficient grinding, however grinders with 2 stones also does a good job.

5. Body of the drum

Ensure the body of the drum is made of a durable material so that it lasts longer. It is always better to opt for a steel body for the drum.

6. Overload Protector

Ensure the Wet Grinder you purchase has a overload protector installed as it can protect the grinder from overloading of ingredients.

7. Energy Efficiency

Keep in mind the volt capacity of the Wet Grinder and ensure that the electric wirings can accept the volt capacity of the Wet Grinder. If not it can cause serious damage to the entire electric wiring of your house.

Additional Accessories you can get with a Wet Grinder

Now a days Wet Grinders do come with several accessories to serve various purposes. The accessories include:

  • Coconut Scraper
  • Atta Kneader
  • Lid Wiper
  • Batter Sampler
  • Grinder Cover
  • Wet Grinder Plastic Blade

How to use a Wet Grinder?

Step 1– Place the drum on the center rod and rotate till clicks and fits into place. Fit the grinding stones into the drum.

Step 2– Add the ingredients into the drum along with the amount of water required for the batter consistency.

Step 3– Close the drum using the lid cover.

Step 4– Switch on the Wet Grinder. You can switch off the grinder and stir the batter in the grinder using the plastic spatula.

Step 5– Once the batter reaches the desired consistency, switch off the unit. Press the release lock to free the arm. Pull up the roller stones from the drum.

Step 6– Empty the batter into a vessel or you can close the drum and store the rest of the batter in the refrigerator also.

How to Clean a Wet Grinder?

It is very important to keep your Wet Grinder clean and dry to avoid the attack of fungus or any external factors. Here are few steps you can follow to clean a Wet Grinder:

  • After removing the grinding stones and holder stick from the drum, rinse them thoroughly under running water. Allow the stones to dry completely before placing them back in the drum after washing.
  • Clean any batter stains and corners of the wet grinder with a brush.
  • To clean the motor, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before using it again.
  • After washing the drum, either dry it with a clean dry cloth or keep it upside down so that all the water drips out.
  • After completely drying, replace all of the wet grinder’s components.

Do’s and Don’ts of using a Wet Grinder

  • Place the Wet Grinder away from wet surfaces or other sources of power.
  • Ensure to wash the stones and drum thoroughly so that no residue is left after the use.
  • Always opt for a shock proof Wet Grinder and also one with a surge protector. A surge protector ensures that extra power or voltage fluctuation does not ruin your Wet Grinder.
  • Ensure to purchase a Wet Grinder that comes with a good warranty period
  • Always read the instruction manual before starting to use the Wet Grinder.
  • Do not run the Table Top Wet Grinder empty for more than 60 seconds.
  • Never try to open the lid or put your hand in a running Wet Grinder.
  • Always keep a tab on loading the ingredients as loading above the capacity can ruin the machine.
  • Never repair the grinder on your own and also wait for a professional technician to repair the damage if any.
  • Do not allow kids to use the Wet Grinder.
  • Never use a Wet Grinder if it is wet.

Best Wet Grinders available in the Indian market

The best brands of Wet Grinders in India are:

Our Offers On Wet Grinders

Elgi Ultra Grind Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra Grind Wet Grinder

Preethi Wet Grinder

preethi Wet Grinder

Butterfly Wet Grinder

butterfly Wet Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline Wet Grinder

maharaja whiteline Wet Grinder

Prestige Wet Grinder

Prestige Wet Grinder

Panasonic Wet Grinder

Panasonic Wet Grinder

Pigeon Wet Grinder

Pigeon Wet Grinder

Bajaj Wet Grinder

Bajaj Wet Grinder

Our Thoughts

Buying a Wet Grinder is definitely an asset to a kitchen and for the women of the house, however it is very important to do a thorough research before purchasing one. Because wet grinders are used on a daily basis, it is critical that you understand everything there is to know about them before investing your money in them. Reading this shopping guide should have helped you make the right decision.

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